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Please note:  I operate by appointment only.  I am not a "retail" location with inventory to browse.  Anything I have locally will be posted in the In Store Inventory page as well as posted on several local firearms sites, anything else available on the website is ordered from a distributor, then shipped for pick up.  I am on file with most "major" firearms vendors online.  If I am not on file with a place you would like to order from, please send me an email with the contact information for that vendor and I will gladly send our license to them. 

*Firearm FFL Transfer Services*

Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Lower receiver, pistol frame:

- Incoming Transfer - $25 (Please contact us first before having an inbound transfer sent to confirm availability)

- Outgoing Transfer - $25 + actual shipping costs

- Private Party Sale Transfer - $25

* Additional firearms on the SAME transfer are $5/ea.  This only applies if you order multiple firearms from the SAME seller/website that arrive in the SAME shipment OR to additional orders that arrive within 48 hours of the first.

For example, if you purchase multiple firearms from multiple sources and they arrive across multiple dates and shipments, those will count as individual transfers.

** 2 or more handguns on one transfer will incur an additional fee of $5.  Purchases of more than 2 handguns within a 5 business day period requires extra paperwork to be filed with the ATF and local CLEO.  This applies even if you hold a valid concealed carry permit.

*** In the event of a failed background check/denial, the transfer fee still applies.  It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the seller and make arrangements for a refund.  DC Arms will NOT ship any firearm back to the original seller without the transfer fee being paid and a prepaid label to return the firearm.  In the event a prepaid label is not issued by the seller, actual shipping charges will be added to the transfer fee.  If you do not contact the original seller to make arrangments to return the firearm due to UBC denial within the seller's return window, the firearm will become property of DC Arms LLC.

*** Any firearms left over 30-days without a prior storage arrangement will be considered abandoned and it becomes the legal property of DC Arms LLC.  Unless prior arrangments are made, incoming transfer firearms will start incurring a storage fee of $5 per day AFTER 5 days of not being picked up.  Once the storage fee's total the cost of the firearm, the customer will have the option to pay the entire storage fee if they then decide to pick up the firearm.  Again, this only applies WITHOUT any prior coordination/arrangement if you cannot pick up the firearm in a timely manner.

*NFA/Class 3 Transfers*

Silencers, SBR's, etc

- Incoming NFA Transfer - $80 (Please contact us first before having an inbound transfer sent to confirm availability)

- Outgoing NFA Transfer - $80 + actual shipping costs

- Private Party Sale NFA Transfer - $80

- Add digital fingerprint .EFT file for you to keep with above transfer services - $20 (the $80 transfer fee does include submitting digital fingerprints; however the .EFT file will not be kept on file. Select this option if you want to keep your .EFT file for your records.  It is useful if you intend to submit any Form 1's, Form 4's in the future)


1.  For incoming and private party NFA transfers, half of the fee ($40.00) is due when forms are submitted.  Remaining balance will need to be paid when stamp comes and forms are approved. 

2.  For outgoing NFA transfers, the full fee is due when we take possession of the item. 

3.  Transfer fee's are waived for NFA items purchased from DC Arms.

*PrintScan Digital Fingerprinting*

-  PrintScan Digital Fingerprinting service (without a transfer) - $40  You will be provided with your digital .EFT file which you can use when submitting ATF Form 1's or Form 4's.

-  Mobile PrintScan Digital Fingerprinting service (without a transfer) - $65  Will travel to you within 35 miles in the Northern VA area, .EFT file will be provided via email or USB drive if you provide one.  Covering NoVA areas from Fredericksburg to Alexandria and Woodbridge to Dulles/Sterling - will not travel to MD/DC unless it's for a group.

-  Conversion of paper FD258 fingerprint card to digital .EFT file - $30  You will be provided with your digital .EFT file which you can use when submitting ATF Form 1's or Form 4's.  You can mail your paper cards or bring in person and your .EFT file will be emailed to you.  (If you would like your paper FD258 returned, a fee of $2.50 to cover postage will apply.  If not, once the paper card is converted to digital format, it is shredded.)

-  Digital Passport photo - $5  Picture is pre-cropped to the required size when submitting ATF Form 1, Form 4, etc

-  Notary services - $5  (multiple page documents requiring mulitple notarizations will incur additional charge)


$5 off any transfer service (NFA not included) for active military/veterans & law enforcement/first responder (ID required).

Call or text 703.826.9600 for any questions.