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Cash Customers

If you are local to the Northern Virginia area and would like to pay with cash, we can still help you! 

Create an account go thru the checkout process, select ship to store and note the TOTAL amount due.  DO NOT click anything in the credit card section.

Go back to the home page and click 'Contact Us'. 

Send us a note with the following information: 

* UPC, Brand, Model and Caliber of desired firearm.

* TOTAL amount from checkout process - MUST INCLUDE FIREARM PRICE, SALES TAX and IN STORE PICKUP FEE (distributor shipping fee).

* Contact information - Name, email and phone number.

After your information is received, we will promptly call/email to verify everything and schedule a time to meet.

When we meet, you will need to bring your cash total for your item.  At that point I can either:

a) place the order immediately at the time of meeting in person, OR

b) issue you a store gift card for the total amount and you can place the order at your leisure.  Your store gift card will not have an expiration date and you are free to redeem it whenever you like.  (NOTE - stock is never guaranteed, items can sell out at any time).

Your order is in!

Most orders arrive within 3 business days.  Holidays and severe weather can impact shipping times. 

We will contact you the same day your order arrives and will have it ready for pick up.  Please be sure to bring your Virginia ID and any other appropriate forms of identification as it must be provided for the background check.